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Event Details

Launch of the Centre for Longitudinal Studies in Ireland

Venue: Science Gallery, Naughton Institute, Trinity College, Dublin 2

Date: 04/04/2012
Time: 16.30

The President of Ireland, His Excellency Michael D Higgins, launched the Centre for Longitudinal Studies in Ireland on Wednesday 4th April.

The launch was followed by the Centre’s inaugural lecture given by Prof. James Banks of the University of Manchester on the theme of:

“Improving Knowledge and Policy: The Importance of Longitudinal Analysis”

Link to Media Release.

Like many other developed countries, Ireland has invested heavily in recent years in the collection of ‘longitudinal’ social science data to make sure that we find better answers and solutions to important social and economic questions. Longitudinal data are very powerful as they follow the same participants over time, and thus provide a real world data set to study complex social and economic issues across a range of policy areas from health to education, social inclusion to pensions.

Since 2007, two landmark studies have been initiated which will provide unprecedented levels of detail on the lives of Irish people:

As well as these two ground-breaking projects, longitudinal data from smaller studies are also coming on stream. The unifying feature of all these surveys is the extent to which they are recording information on the same groups of respondents over their life course. Individually and together, these studies represent the largest social survey investment in the history of the state and will provide invaluable data for understanding social change and improving Irish public policy in the years to come.

The CLSI is one of the key initiatives under the strategic partnership between Trinity College Dublin and the Economic and Social Research Institute.