Irish Economy

Consumer Sentiment Decreases in August

The overall KBC Ireland/ESRI Consumer Sentiment Index decreased to 87.1 in August, from 89.4 in July. The 3-month moving average...  

Savings Index Continues to Trend Upwards Despite Reversal in August

ESRI/Nationwide UK (Ireland) Savings Index declined during August however optimism for future saving remains strong among consumers The Nationwide UK...  

New Research Shows Irish House Prices ‘Still Undervalued’

A Special Article being published today (Thursday, 07 August 2014) in the ESRI's latest Quarterly Economic Commentary updates earlier analyses of Irish house price movements.

New ESRI Research Examines the Link Between the Irish Housing Market and the Real Economy

Consumption and the Housing Market: An Irish Perspective, Yvonne McCarthy, Kieran McQuinn, ESRI Dublin, 10 June 2014

Quarterly Economic Commentary, Spring 2014

Quarterly Economic Commentary, Spring 2014; David Duffy, John FitzGerald, Kevin Timoney and David Byrne; ESRI, Dublin; 11 April 2014

Quarterly Economic Commentary, Winter 2013

Quarterly Economic Commentary, Winter 2013, David Duffy, John FitzGerald, Kevin Timoney, David Byrne, ESRI, Dublin, 18/12/2013

Quarterly Economic Commentary, Autumn 2013

The Irish economy could grow by around 2.0 per cent in GNP terms this year, according to the latest analysis...  


Media Release for the Medium-Term Review: 2013-2020 by John FitzGerald and and Ide Kearney (eds.), Adele Bergin, Thomas Conefrey (Central Bank of Ireland), David Duffy, John FitzGerald, Ide Kearney, Kevin Timoney, Nuša Žnuderl, ESRI, Dublin, 10 July 2013

Budget Perspectives 2014 Conference

Media Release on the ESRI's annual half-day conference "Burdget Perspectves", on Tuesday 25 June 2013, at the ESR, Dublin.

SME Financing: Recent Trends and Policy Options

Conference: “SME Financing: Recent Trends and Policy Options” The financial crisis in Ireland has brought to the fore concerns regarding...  

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