Irish Society

Breastfeeding in Ireland 2012

Joint ESRI/HSE National Office of Health Promotion Conference 1-10-12

Literacy, Numeracy and Activation among the Unemployed

Media Release on the new report "Literacy, Numeracy and Activation among the Unemployed", by Elish Kelly, Seamus McGuinness and Philip J. O'Connell (ESRI).

Monitoring Poverty Trends in Ireland 2004-2007

Media Release for the new ESRI report "Monitoring Poverty Trends in Ireland 2004-2007: Key Issues for Children, People of Working Age and Older People."

Policy Options to Reduce Ireland’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions

This report, by Sue Scott and Thomas Legge, assesses the pros and cons of the different instruments available to the government to put the country on a low-carbon trajectory of economic recovery.

School Leavers’ Survey Report 2007

New Research highlights the importance of educational attainment in providing long-term opportunities and protecting young people from vulnerable sectors of...  

Handbook on Immigration and Asylum 2007

"This is an essential multi-disciplinary support for people working in this constantly changing field in Ireland" - Manuel Jordao, Representative, UNHCR in Ireland

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