Trevor Spratt, Study Team Management Group

Professor Trevor Spratt, Study Team Management Group

Trevor Spratt is the Director of Trinity Research in Childhood Centre.

His research interests emanate from his experiences of social work practice.The challenges facing children as they develop have encouraged interdisciplinary collaborations between professionals and researchers representing different disciplines. One of his main research interests is how the experience of childhood adversities becomes translated across the life-course into physiological, psychological and social outcomes. The work of Trinity Research in Childhood Centre is concerned both with establishing what constitutes good childhoods as well identifying those children who are vulnerable to the impact of adversity in order to assist policy makers and professionals identify and provide effective interventions.

In this regard Growing Up in Ireland provides essential foundational data upon which early experiences can be identified and their effects tracked across life-course trajectories. Further waves of data will aid us in establishing early signals of different types of later outcomes, informing professional interventions and policy.

See more about Trevor’s publications and work at TCD here.

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