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Medium-Term Review

Since 1986 the ESRI has published twelve Medium-Term Reviews (MTR). The MTR is the only publication of its kind in Ireland.

The Medium-Term Review:
  • analyses how the Irish macro-economy works;
  • develops a range of scenarios for the economy based on this analysis; and
  • considers how domestic policy can best address the challenges that the economy faces in the medium term.
The scenarios presented in the Review cover a range of different possible outcomes and details are presented on key economic aggregates for the rest of the current decade.
The scenarios are developed using the HERMES model of the Irish economy, which encapsulates many of the findings of research in recent years on what drives the economy.

For further information contact:

John Fitz Gerald, or David Duffy on +353 1 8632000.


Medium-Term Review: 2013-2020

The Medium-Term Review: 2013-2020 covers the period 2013 to 2020. It was published on 10 July 2013. Click here for details and to download the MTR.

The MTR Detailed Tables can be purchased at a price of €300. Please contact admin@esri.ie or phone the ESRI on + 353 1 8632000. 

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Medium Term Review Archive


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A subscription to the ESRI Quarterly Economic Commentary (QEC) costs €327 per annum, including VAT and postage, and subscribers also receive the Medium Term Review.

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