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Welcome to the ESRI Newsletter for July 2011. The ESRI is one of Europe's leading research centres in the social sciences. The Institute’s mission is to produce research that contributes to understanding economic and social change in the new international context and that informs public policymaking and civil society in Ireland.

In this issue you will find details of our latest and forthcoming publications, events and news. If you require any further information on the ESRI's activities please visit our website at, or email

Forthcoming Events

Seminar ‘Promoting Social Inclusion for People with Disabilities: National and European Perspectives’
Venue: The ESRI, Whitaker Square, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2
Date: 21/09/2011
Time: Morning
The Social Inclusion Division, Department of Social Protection, the Economic and Social Research Institute and the National Disability Authority (NDA) are holding a half-day seminar to review the social and living conditions of people with disabilities. The seminar will include a debate on policy responses at national and European levels, particularly those directed at labour market barriers. Booking details will be made available closer to the date.

"Budget Perspectives 2012" Conference
Venue: The ESRI, Whitaker Square, Sir John Rogerson's Quay, Dublin 2.
Date: 13/10/2011
Time: Morning
The Economic and Social Research Institute and the Foundation for Fiscal Studies (FFS) will hold the annual half-day "Budget Perspectives" Conference on 13 October 2011. Details will be made available nearer the time.

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latest publications

ESRI Review of Research 2010
Dublin: ESRI, July 2011.

"An Extension in Eligibility for Free Primary Care and Avoidable Hospitalisations: A Natural Experiment"
Nolan, A., Social Science & Medicine,, Published online 23 July 2011.

Consumer Sentiment Index
Latest Consumer Sentiment Index report.

"Economic Regulation: Recentralisation of Power or Improved Quality of Regulation?"
Gorecki, P. K., The Economic and Social Review, Vol. 42, No. 2, Summer 2011, Dublin: Economic and Social Studies.

Nationwide (UK) Ireland Savings Index
Latest report (electronic), produced jointly by the ESRI and Nationwide (UK) Ireland.

"The Distributional Effects of Value Added Tax in Ireland"
Leahy, E., Lyons, S., Tol, R. S. J., The Economic and Social Review, Vol. 42, No.2, Summer 2011, Dublin: Economic and Social Studies.

"The Impact of Government Policy on Private Car Ownership in Ireland"
Hennessy, H., Tol, R. S. J., The Economic and Social Review, Vol.42, No. 2, Summer 2011, Dublin: Economic and Social Studies.

ESRI Working Papers
To view the latest ESRI Working Papers please visit our website at

Newspaper/Magazine Articles by ESRI staff
To view the latest Newspaper/Magazine Articles by ESRI staff please visit our website at

ESRI Research Bulletin
To view all ESRI Research Bulletin articles visit our website at

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(Please note that the publication dates of forthcoming publications may change. Please check the web site regularly, at

Quarterly Economic Commentary, Summer 2011
Durkan, J., O'Sullivan, C., ESRI Forecasting Series, August 2011.

"New School, New System: The Experiences of Immigrant Students in Irish Schools"
Z. Bekerman & T. Geisen, (eds.), in International Handbook of Migration, Minorities and Education - Understanding Cultural and Social Differences in Processes of Learning, Darmody, M., Smyth, E., Byrne, D. (NUI Maynooth), McGinnity, F., August 2011.

"The Irish Fiscal Crisis"
Bergin, A., FitzGerald, J., Kearney, I., O’Sullivan, C., National Institute Economic Review, August 2011.

"Yes We Can? Gender Differences in the Influence of Parental Sense of Control on Young Adults"
Watson, D., European Sociological Review, 2011, 30/09/11.

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Promoting Competitiveness, Productivity and Economic Growth in Ireland: Evidence and Policy Implications
S. McGuinness, P. J. O'Connell, E. Kelly.
The objective of the project is to provide evidence on the impact that i) workplace training and ii) vacancies, employee skills and skill shortages, have on productivity in Irish enterprises and, by extension, competitiveness and economic growth. The project, funded by a grant from the FBD, will utilise data from the National Employment Survey (NES), which is a large nationally representative survey carried out by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) to collect information on employment and earnings from both businesses and their employees, and the Census of Industrial Production, a dataset that contains information on firm level performance. The project represents a substantial investment with significant returns in policy relevant research on the factors underpinning competitiveness.

Trends in Socio-Economic Inequalities in Mortality in Ireland 1986-2006
Richard Layte and Anne Nolan have been awarded a three year Health Research Award by the Health Research Board (2011-2014) to investigate trends in social class mortality differentials between 1986 and 2006. The presence of pronounced inequalities in mortality and life expectancy across income, education and social class groups is now well established both in Ireland and internationally. Analyses of Irish data from the 1980s and 1990s show that Irish men in unskilled manual jobs had a mortality rate almost three times higher than men in higher professional occupations. The most recent year for which information on socio-economic inequalities in mortality have been analysed is 1996 and there is no research available on what happened over the period of the ‘Celtic Tiger’. Only by understanding recent trends will we gain insight into the causes of mortality differentials in Ireland and develop interventions to improve the health and longevity of all social groups.

View details of research in the ESRI.

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"What Have We Learnt about Pay for Performance?"
The second ESRI Geary Lecture of 2010, "What Have We Learnt about Pay for Performance?", which was given by Professor Canice Prendergast (W. Allen Wallis Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business), is now published. More..

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