Alternative Approaches to Achieving Universal Healthcare – Potential Costs, Outcomes and Challenges

Authors: Maev-Ann Wren , Sheelah Connolly , Aoife Brick , Conor Keegan , Richard Whyte

Research Areas: Health and Quality of Life


This three year project, funded by the Health Research Board, began in January 2018. The aim of the project is to identify alternative approaches to achieving universal healthcare (UHC) in Ireland and elsewhere and to assess potential costs, outcomes and challenges in such approaches. This will be achieved through three work packages, in which Ireland will be examined as a case study. A comparative context will be developed with reference to the international literature and by examination of the health systems in Northern Ireland and Germany. It is envisaged that the research will provide an evidence base for policy makers seeking to identify the most appropriate method for achieving UHC in Ireland and elsewhere.

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