Children’s integration into primary education: insights from the Growing Up in Ireland study

Authors: Emer Smyth

Research Areas: Children and Young People | Education

In Ireland, there has been very little research about how younger children get on in school. The third wave of the infant cohort of the Growing Up in Ireland (GUI) study was conducted just after the children’s fifth birthday and provides rich information on this key transition phase, incorporating school principal, teacher, parent and child questionnaires. This study, commissioned by the National Council of Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA), addresses the following key questions:
• To what extent is adjustment to primary school related to the child’s age at starting school?
• What role is played by the home learning environment and the child’s previous experience of formal and informal care settings play in easing children’s transition to primary school?
• To what extent does children’s adjustment to primary school vary across schools with different student profiles and across difference types of classroom setting (including class size and whether it is multi- or single-grade)?
• What role does the warmth of the teacher-child relationship play in helping children settle into primary school?
• What role does communication between teachers and parents play in children’s adjustment?

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