Research Programme in Healthcare Reform

Authors: Maev-Ann Wren , Sheelah Connolly , Aoife Brick , Conor Keegan , James Eighan , Adele Bergin

Research Areas: Health and Quality of Life


The Research Programme in Healthcare Reform is a three-year programme agreed between the Department of Health and the ESRI, which commenced in July 2014. The broad objectives of the programme are to apply economic analysis to explore issues in relation to health services, health spending and population health, in order to inform the development of health policy and the Government’s healthcare reform agenda.  The first work package of the research programme involved an examination of the cost implications of a change to a multi-payer, Universal Health Insurance model, as proposed in the White Paper on Universal Health Insurance (UHI), “The Path to Universal Healthcare”.  This research was published in November 2015 as ESRI Research Series Report 45 “An Examination of the Potential Costs of Universal Health Insurance in Ireland”. The programme is now building on the research undertaken in the first work package, researching unmet need for healthcare in Ireland and working towards the development of a medium term projection model of Irish healthcare expenditure.

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