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Geary Lecture Series

Dr Roy Geary, 1896 - 1983
Dr Roy Geary, 1896 - 1983

The Geary lecture is organised each year by the ESRI and honours Dr R. C. Geary (1896 –1983), the first Director of the Institute. Dr Geary is regarded as the most eminent Irish statistician of the twentieth century. Lectures have been given by some of the world’s foremost scholars in the fields of economics, statistics and sociology, including a number of Nobel Prize winners. 1996 was the Centenary of Geary's birth, and in honour of this a publication relating to Geary's life and work was published, the first chapter of which constitutes the 1996 Geary Lecture. Link to details of publication "Roy Geary, 1896-1983: Irish Statistician - Centenary Lecture by John E. Spencer and Associated Papers".  To listen to an archive interview by John Bowman (RTÉ Radio) with Roy Geary, visit the RTÉ Radio website at  http://www.rte.ie/radio1/bowmansundaymorning/, 21 March 2010.

Set out below is a list of all the Geary Lectures since 1967, with links to further details. Not all the lectures are currently available to download from our website, but we are in the process of scanning and uploading each paper. The papers should also be available in college libraries.

For further information about the Geary Lectures, please contact the ESRI on admin@esri.ie.


"Austerity, the Public Sector and the Threat to Gender Equality"
Rubery, Jill (University of Manchester Business School), delivered 23/10/2014. Event details

"Early Life Conditions and Later Life Outcomes"
Smith, James P. (RAND Corporation), delivered 07/10/2013. Event details

"Making and Breaking Tax Systems: The Institutional Foundations of Fiscal Capacity"
Besley, Tim (LSE), delivered 19/10/2012. More details 

"Skills, Job Control and the Quality of Work: The Evidence from Britain"
Gallie, Duncan (Nuffield College), Geary Lecture Series 41, delivered 22/2/2012. More details  

What Have We Learnt About Pay For Performance?*
Prendergast, Canice, Geary Lecture Series 40, delivered 25 November 2010. More details

Social Mobility and Equality of Opportunity*
Breen, Richard, Geary Lecture Series 39, delivered 11 March 2010. More details

(*To mark the ESRI's fiftieth anniversary in 2010, the Institute held two Geary Lectures).

The Challenge of Tax Reform and Expanding the Tax Base 
Poterba, James, Geary Lecture Series 38, delivered 28 May 2009. More details 

The Entrepreneurial Society
Audretsch, David, Geary Lecture Series 37, delivered 13 November 2008. More details

Health in an Unequal World: A Matter of Social Justice
Marmot, Michael, Geary Lecture Series 36, 03/12/2007.

Making Globalization Work
Stiglitz, Joseph E., Geary Lecture Series 35, delivered 30 August 2006. More details

Income and Child Well-Being
Duncan, G J., Geary Lecture Series 34, delivered 12 December 2005. More details  

Funding The Millenium Development Goals
Atkinson, A. B., Geary Lecture Series 33, delivered 22 November 2004. More details 

Time and the Socioeconomic Atom
Gershuny, J., Geary Lecture Series 32, delivered 28 April 2003. More details  

Economic Problems of Ireland in Europe 
Feldstein, Martin, Geary Lecture Series 31, 01/01/01.
Also incorporating 2 other Papers The Cost and Distribution of Tax Expenditure on Occupational Pensions in Ireland by G Hughes and The National Pensions Reserve Fund: Pitfalls and Opportunities by Philip R Lane).

Official Statistics: Above and Below the Public Debate
Holt, Tim, Geary Lecture Series 30, 01/01/99.  

Causation, Statistics and Sociology
Goldthorpe, John H., Geary Lecture Series 29, 01/01/98.  

Revisiting European Unemployment : Unemployment, Capital Accumulation and Factor Prices
Blanchard, Olivier, Geary Lecture Series 28, 01/01/98.  

R. C. Geary: His Life and Work
Spencer, John E., Geary Lecture Series 27, 01/01/97.


The Time is Never Ripe: The Repeated Defeat of Universal Health Insurance in the 20th Century United States
Skocpol, Theda, Geary Lecture Series 26, 01/01/95.  

Economics, Time and Age
Posner, Richard A., Geary Lecture Series 25, 01/01/94.  

Globalisation: The Challenge for National Economic Regimes
Dunning, John H., Geary Lecture Series 24, 01/01/93. 

Welfare State Development in Europe since 1930: Ireland in a Comparative Perspective
Korpi, Walter, Geary Lecture Series 23, 01/01/92. 

Growth, The Market and Dissemination of Technology
Baumol, William J., Geary Lecture Series 22, 01/01/91.  

Ireland and Europe's New Money
Dornbusch, Rudiger, Geary Lecture Series 21, 01/01/90.  

The Rise and Decline of Nations: Where does Ireland Fit in? (not published)
Olsen, Mancur, Geary Lecture Series 20, 01/01/89.  

A Theory of the Rate of Growth of the Demand for Labour in the Long Run
Scott, Maurice F. G., Geary Lecture Series 19, 01/01/88.  

Social Theory and Problems of Macroeconomics
Giddens, Anthony, Geary Lecture Series 18, 01/01/86.

An Economic Analysis of the Family
Becker, Gary S., Geary Lecture Series 17. 01/01/85.  

Towards More Rational Decisions on Criminals
Glaser, Daniel, Geary Lecture Series 16, 01/01/83.  

Poor, Relatively Speaking
Sen, Amartya K., Geary Lecture Series 15, 01/01/82.  

Modernisation and Religion
Berger, P.L., Geary Lecture Series 14, 01/01/81.  

The Story of a Social Experiment and some Reflections
Solow, Robert M., Geary Lecture Series 13, 01/01/80.  

The Dilemmas of a Socialist Economy: The Hungarian Experience
Kornai, Janos, Geary Lecture Series 12, 01/01/79.  

Political and Institutional Economics
Myrdal, Gunnar, Geary Lecture Series 11, 01/01/78.  

Official Statisticians and Econometricians in the Present-Day World
Malinvaud, E., Geary Lecture Series 10, 01/01/77.  

British Economic Growth 1951-1973: Success or Failure?
Matthews, R. C. O., Geary Lecture Series 9, 01/01/76.  

The Chronic Crisis and Structural Analysis in Sociology
Merton, R. K., Geary Lecture Series 8, 01/01/75.

The Dark Side of the Dialectic: Toward a New Objectivity
Gouldner, A.W., Geary Lecture Series 7, 01/01/74. 

Econometric Forecasting from Lagged Relationships
Kendall, M. G., Geary Lecture Series 6, 01/01/73.

An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Measurement of Utility or Welfare
Tinbergen, J., Geary Lecture Series 5, 01/01/72.

The Psychosonomics of Rising Prices
Turner, H. A., Geary Lecture Series 4, 01/01/71.

The Dual Career Family
Rapoport, Rhona, Rapoport, Robert, Geary Lecture Series 3, 01/01/70.

Computers, Statistics and Planning - Systems or Chaos?
Foster, F. G., Geary Lecture Series 2, 01/01/68.

A Simple Approach to Macro-economic Dynamics
Allen, R. D. G., Geary Lecture Series 1, 01/01/67.