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ESRI Research Bulletins

ESRI Research Bulletins provide short summaries of work published by ESRI staff and overviews of thematic areas covered by ESRI programmes of research. Bulletin Articles are designed to be easily accessible to a wide readership. A reference or references to the full publication is included†in each Bulletin article.†

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An archive of Bulletin articles, starting with the most recent, is available below. Click on the title to download the pdf. You can also search for bulletin articles using the publications search facility, at http://www.esri.ie/publications/search_for_a_publication/.


"Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy and Child Well-Being: A Burning Issue"
Cathal McCrory (TCD), Richard Layte, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2012/4/1, 12/11/2012.

"The Macro-Economic Effects of Raising Revenue through Different Taxes"
Thomas Conefrey (Central Bank of Ireland),†John FitzGerald, Laura Malaguzzi Valeri, Richard S J† Tol (University of Sussex), ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2012/4/2, 31/01/2013.

"Telecommunications Consumers: A Behavioural Economic Analysis"
Pete Lunn, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2012/4/3, 31/01/2013.†

"The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment to China on Foreign Direct Investment to Other Countries"
Laura Resmini (Universitŗ di Milan Bicocca), Iulia Siedschlag, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2012/4/4, 31/01/2013.†

"What Do We Know about Special Educational Needs? Evidence from Growing Up in Ireland"
Joanne Banks,†Selina McCoy,††ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2012/3/1, 21/09/2012.


"Pharmaceuticals: Getting Better Value for Money"
Paul K Gorecki,†Anne Nolan, Aoife Brick,†SeŠn†Lyons, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2012/2/1, 18/06/2012.


"What Determines the Diffusion of ICT at Firm Level?"
Stefanie Haller and Iulia Siedschlag, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2011/4/1, 24/02/2012.

A Statistical Analysis of Households and Families in Ireland".
Pete Lunn, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2011/4/2, 24/02/2012.


"Selling State Assets: Three Options"
Paul K. Gorecki and Richard S.J. Tol, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2011/3/1.

"Parents, Children and Sense of Control"
Dorothy Watson, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2011/3/2.

"The Effects of the Euro on Intra-Euro Area Exports"
Gavin Murphy and Iulia Siedschlag, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2011/3/3.

"What Has Happened to Marginal Tax Rates?"
Tim Callan, Niamh Crilly, Claire Keane and John R. Walsh, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2011/3/4.


"The Macro-economic Impact of Changing the Rate of Corporation Tax".†
Thomas†Conefrey and John FitzGerald, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2011/02/01.

"The Banking Sector and Recovery in the EU Economy".
Ray Barrell, Tatiana Fic, John FitzGerald, Ali Orazgani and Rachel Whitworth. ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2011/02/02.

"Should We Be Worried About Income Inequality in Ireland?"
Layte, R., ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2011/2/3, 1/09/11.

"Investing in Child Health and Development: The Impact of Breastfeeding on Children's School Performance"
McCrory, C., Layte, R., ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2011/2/4, 1/09/11.


"Equality and Discrimination: Lessons from a Research Programme and a Conference"
Frances McGinnity,†Helen Russell,†ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2011/01/01.

"Creating a Health Promoting Environment: The Role of Food Access"
Richard Layte,†ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2011/01/02.

"The Changing Workplace"
Dorothy Watson,†Helen Russell,†Philip J. O’Connell, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2011/01/03.

"Support from Grandparents to Families with Infants"
Amanda Quail,†Aisling Murray,†James Williams,†ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2011/01/04.


"A Good News Story About Irish Health Care"
Richard Layte, ESRI Research Bulletin No.†2010/04/01.

"On International Equity Weights and National Decision Making on Climate Change"
David Anthoff, Richard S J Tol,†ESRI Research Bulletin No.†2010/04/02.

"Progression in Higher Education: The Value of Multi-Variate Analysis"
Selina McCoy,†Delma Byrne, (National University of Ireland, Maynooth), ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2010/04/03.

"Cultural Differences in Parenting Practices"
Aisling Murray, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2010/04/04.

"Public and Private Utilisation of In-Patient Beds in Irish Acute Public Hospitals"
Jacqueline O'Reilly, Miriam M Wiley, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2010/04/05.†


"Resource Allocation, Financing and Sustainability in the Health Sector"
Aoife Brick,†Anne Nolan, Jacqueline O'Reilly, Samantha Smith,†ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2010/3/1.†††

"International Transmission of Business Cycles"
Iulia Siedschlag, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2010/03/02.††

"The Impact of Social Partnership on Ireland's Competitiveness"
Seamus McGuinness, Elish Kelly,†Philip J. O'Connell, ,†ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2010/03/03.

"Commuting Behaviour and Car Ownership in Ireland"
Anne Nolan,†ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2010/03/04.†††††

"Providing Quality Pharmacy Services: Good Intentions Are Not Enough"
Paul K Gorecki,†ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2010/03/05.††††


"Managing Housing Bubbles in Regional Economies Under EMU: Ireland and Spain"
Thomas Conefrey,†John Fitz Gerald, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2010/2/1.

"Satisfaction with Life in Europe"
Dorothy Watson,†ESRI Research Bulletin No.†2010/2/2.

"Student Experiences of the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme"
Joanne Banks, Delma Byrne, Selina McCoy, Emer Smyth, ESRI†Research Bulletin No. 2010/2/3.

"Base-Broadening Tax Reforms"
Tim Callan,†Claire Keane, John R. Walsh,† ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2010/2/4.


"Key Outcomes for Children: New Evidence from Growing Up in Ireland"
James Williams, Sheila Greene (TCD), ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2010/1/1.

"Is a Code of Practice Needed for the Grocery Trade"
Paul K. Gorecki. ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2010/1/2.

"Get Back in the Game: Sport, the Recession and Keeping People Active"
Pete Lunn,††ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2010/1/3.

"The ESRI Environmental Accounts"
Sean Lyons, Richard S. J. Tol
. ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2010/1/4.

"Identifying the Barriers to Higher Education Participation"
Selina McCoy, Delma Byrne. ESRI Research Bulletin No. 2010/1/5.


"Junior Cycle Education: Insights from a Longitudinal Study of Students"
Smyth, Emer, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 09/4/1, December 2009.

"Investing in Electricity Infrastructure and Renewables in Ireland"†
Fitz Gerald, John,†Lyons, SeŠn,†Malaguzzi Valeri, Laura, ESRI†Research Bulletin No. 09/4/2, December 2009.

"Coping With Population Change In Ireland: The Implications For Healthcare"
Layte, Richard, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 09/4/3, December 2009.

"The Irish ‘Health Basket’: An International Perspective"
Smith, Samantha, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 09/4/4, December 2009.

"Identification Of Individuals At Risk Of Becoming Long-Term Unemployed"
O'Connell, Philip J.,†McGuinness, Seamus,†Kelly, Elish,†Walsh, John R, ESRI Research Bulletin No 09/4/5, December 2009.


"Macroeconomic Differentials and Adjustment in the Euro Area"
Siedschlag, Iulia,†ESRI Research Bulletin No.†09/3/1. September 2009.

"Europeanisation of Reference Groups?"
Whelan, Christopher T., Maitre, Bertrand, ESRI Research Bulletin No.†09/3/2. September 2009.†

"Investing in Education"
Smyth, Emer, McCoy, Selina,†ESRI Research Bulletin No. 09/3/3, September 2009.†

"Reconciling Work and Family Life: Workplaces, Occupation and the Experience of Work-Life Conflict"
Calvert, Emma,†Russell, Helen,†O'Connell, Philip J,,†McGinnity, Frances. ESRI†Research Bulletin No. 09/3/4, September 2009.


"Improving Access to Primary Care in Ireland: do GP charges matter?"
Layte,†Richard,††Nolan, Anne. ESRI Research Bulletin No. 09/2/1. June '09

"Assessing Vulnerability of Selected Sectors under Environmental Tax Reform"
Fitz Gerald, John, Keeney, M, Scott, Sue. ESRI Research Bulletin No. 09/2/2. June '09

"Drinking Water Quality"
Commins, Nicola / Lyons, SeŠn / Tol, Richard S J†ESRI Research Bulletin No. 09/2/3 June '09

"Did Ireland become More Unequal during the Boom?"
McGuinness, Seamus / McGinnity, Frances / O'Connell, Philip J†ESRI Research Bulletin No 09/2/4 June '09

"Job Mobility in Ireland"
Bergin, Adele†ESRI Research Bulletin No 09/2/5 June '09

"What do We Know about Large Scale Immigration and Irish Schools?"
Smyth, Emer / Darmody, Merike / McGinnity, Frances / Byrne, Delma†ESRI Research Bulletin No. 09/2/6, July '09.


"Why Worry About Climate Change?"
Tol, Richard S. J.,†ESRI Research Bulletin No. 09/1/1, April '09.

"School Leavers: How Are They Faring?"
Byrne, Delma,†McCoy, Selina, ESRI Research Bulletin No. 09/1/2, April '09.†††

"Who is Paying for Regional Balance in Ireland?"
Morgenroth, Edgar,†ESRI Research Bulletin No. 09/1/3,†April '09.††††

"What do We Know about Training at Work?"
O'Connell, Philip J,†ESRI Research Bulletin No.†09/1/4,†April '09.††