Other Outputs

This section lists all publications produced by ESRI Staff and affiliates. The Institute aims to make all its publications available online free of charge. Externally produced publications are made available through Open Access where possible.

RB20160401 The Price of Broadband Quality
December 20, 2016 | ESRI Research Bulletin

Authors: Seán Lyons, Bryan Coyne
Research Area: Communications and Transport

QEC Winter 2016 Quarterly Economic Commentary, Winter 2016
December 15, 2016 | ESRI Forecasting Series

Authors: Kieran McQuinn, Daniel Foley , Elish Kelly
Research Area: Macroeconomics

Social relationships and the transition to secondary education
December 14, 2016 | Journal Article

Authors: Emer Smyth
Research Area: Education

QEC2016WIn_SA_Savage Distributional Impact of Tax and Welfare Policies: Budget 2017
December 14, 2016 | QEC Special Article

Authors: Michael Savage, Tim Callan , Mark Regan , John R Walsh
Research Area: Taxation, Welfare and Pensions

CB201620 The Advent of High-Speed Broadband: Teaching and Learning in Second-Level Schools
December 13, 2016 | Book/Report Chapter

Authors: Selina McCoy, Seán Lyons , Bryan Coyne , Merike Darmody
Research Area: Education

JA201656 Recent Trends in Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Section
December 13, 2016 | Journal Article

Authors: Aoife Brick, Richard Layte , M Farren , S R Sheehan , R Mahony , Michael J Turner
Research Area: Health and Quality of Life

CB201620 Recent Expansion of Special Classes in Irish Mainstream Schools
December 13, 2016 | Book/Report Chapter

Authors: Selina McCoy, Joanne Banks
Research Area: Education

RS55 Resettlement of Refugees and Private Sponsorship in Ireland
December 13, 2016 | ESRI Research Series

Authors: Samantha Arnold, Emma Quinn
Research Area: Migration, Integration and Demography

Front Cover of source book School Subject Choices and Social Class Differences in Entry to Higher Education — Comparing Scotland and Ireland
December 6, 2016 | Book/Report Chapter

Authors: Markus Klein, Cristina Iannelli , Emer Smyth
Research Area: Education

Economic Outlook Ireland’s Economic Outlook: Perspectives and Policy Challenges
December 5, 2016 | ESRI Forecasting Series

Editors: Adele Bergin , Edgar Morgenroth , Kieran McQuinn
Authors: Adele Bergin, David Duffy , Daniel Foley , Abian Garcia Rodriguez , Martina Lawless , Niall Mc Inerney , Edgar Morgenroth , Kieran McQuinn
Research Area: Macroeconomics

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