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"Irish TIMES" Phase 2


FitzGerald,John / Tol,Richard S J / di Cosmo,Valeria

The Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) has developed an energy systems model, Irish TIMES in collaboration with University College Cork (UCC) over the period 2009 2011. This research project was supported by the EPA (with co-funding from SEAI) under the
Climate Change Research Programme. Irish TIMES Phase 2 involves UCC (Lead), the ESRI, Teagasc and UCD and will further develop the Irish TIMES model significantly improving the modelling capability in a number of key areas, with a particular focus on -
1. representing behavioural measures by developing Irish TIMES ED (elastic demand),
2. soft linking Irish TIMES with PLEXOS_IE to improve the characterisation of variable renewable electricity generation,
3. soft linking Irish TIMES with FAPRI Ireland and FLAGGS to include agricultural modelling activity and developing more complete (covering 98% of GHG emissions) climate change mitigation scenarios
4. integrating Irish TIMES within the Pan European TIMES model to improve the representation of energy flows into and out of Ireland within an EU context.
These four elements are critical to increasing the robustness and extent of the results to develop economy wide emissions reduction scenarios and calculate the associated costs.
The core outputs from this project will be an enhanced Irish TIMES model that will work in parallel with ESRI 2050 macro model, FAPRI Ireland, PLEXOS Ireland and FLAGGS, policy relevant results from scenario analyses and a suite of research outputs in the form of peer reviewed journal papers and conference papers and reports to EPA, SEI and TASG and a scenario tool for policy makers.

Energy Demand Transport


Driscoll,ine / Lyons,Sen / Tol,Richard S J / Mariuzzo, Franco (UEA Norwich)

Using data on private car sales and model characteristics in Ireland, we plan to estimate the valuations that customers place on a range of vehicle attributes by estimating a structural market model. These may then be useful for predicting valuations for future types of vehicles such as electric cars.

Global Warming and Energy - the role of emissions trading


Fitz Gerald,John / Tol,Richard SJ

The implications of the EU policy on emissions trading will be further analysed. The role of other measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions may also be examined. What potential is there in the scheme for countries to act strategically? To what extent can taxpayers (and consumers) recover some of the value of the free permits? How will the availability of free permits affect new entry? To what extent is the size of the allocation of free permits important in affecting competition? How would an extension of the scheme to cover SMEs affect such companies?