Energy and Environment

Research in this area combines expertise in economics, engineering and behavioural psychology to inform innovative and evidence-based policy responses to some of the greatest challenges facing policymakers in Ireland today, including climate change, energy security and sustainable utilisation of environmental resources.

Energy Research
The way energy is converted, provided and consumed has an enduring impact on the environment and economy, necessitating the development of clean and cost-effective energy sources that continue to support economic growth while attaining climate policy objectives. In order to inform effective development and management of such energy supplies, ESRI researchers generate new knowledge on the interdependencies and interactions between policymakers, energy suppliers and consumers across multiple aspects of energy policy including market regulation, infrastructure and factors influencing consumer adoption of new technologies.

Environmental Research
Researchers aim to help inform public policies that can support a healthier, safer environment. Ongoing research initiatives include investigating the potential to support economic benefits of fisheries through improved resources for anglers and an extensive environmental economics programme of research encompassing such topics as the impact of different sorts of incentives on promoting environmentally-friendly behaviours, the effects of taxes and subsidies on the environment and the links between environmental quality and public health.

Main Publications in Energy and Environment Research Area

Other Misc. Outputs

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