Labour Markets and Skills

Labour Markets and Skills research in the ESRI incorporates many of the issues central to the functioning of modern societies such as unemployment, pay determination and wellbeing in the workplace. Researchers in this area have published findings on a wide range of issues, including unemployment, earnings and pay bargaining institutions, migration, equality, skills and training, and further education.

Recent research has included examining how effective various activation measures are at increasing employment, how suitable further education programmes are to labour market needs, and how youth labour market participation has changed since the recession. Labour market researchers at the ESRI have also been involved in providing regular reports on Ireland’s labour market progress to the European Commission. Since the beginning of 2015, researchers have submitted a Regular Report to the European Policy Observatory (EEPO), which is funded by the European Commission, on recent developments in the Irish labour market. Reports outlining Irish policy regarding (a) upskilling the unemployed and (b) the use of labour market intelligence, have also been completed for the EEPO in recent months.

Main Publications in Labour Markets and Skills Research Area

Other Misc. Outputs

A Study of National Wage Agreements in Ireland
January 1, 1981 | General Research Series

Authors: James O'Brien
Research Area: Labour Markets and Skills

The Regional Dimension
January 1, 1981 | Book/Report Chapter

Authors: Miceal Ross
Research Area: Labour Markets and Skills

Employment Conditions and Job Satisfaction: The Distribution, Perception and Evaluation of Job Rewards
October 1, 1980 | General Research Series

Authors: Christopher T Whelan
Research Area: Labour Markets and Skills | Social Inclusion and Equality

Employment and Unemployment Prospects in Ireland
September 1, 1980 | Journal Article

Authors: Kieran Kennedy
Research Area: Labour Markets and Skills

Seasonality and Other Components of the Irish Unemployment Series
April 1, 1980 | QEC Special Article

Authors: L O'Reilly, A Gray
Research Area: Labour Markets and Skills

A Study of Industrial Workers’ Co-Operatives
April 1, 1980 | Broadsheet Series

Authors: Robert O'Connor, Philip Kelly
Research Area: Labour Markets and Skills

Project Analysis and Industrial Employment in Ireland
June 1, 1979 | QEC Special Article

Authors: Frances Ruane
Research Area: Labour Markets and Skills

Regional Policy and the Full Employment Target
June 1, 1979 | Policy Research Series

Authors: Miceal Ross, Brendan Walsh
Research Area: Labour Markets and Skills

Output and Employment in the Irish Food Industry to 1990
March 1, 1979 | General Research Series

Authors: A O'Rourke
Research Area: Labour Markets and Skills

The Working and Living Conditions of Civil Service Typists
June 1, 1978 | General Research Series

Authors: N O'Broin, G Farren
Research Area: Labour Markets and Skills

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