Social Inclusion and Equality

Social inclusion research explores the capacity of individuals and households to participate in economic and social life. It is particularly concerned with barriers to participation arising from a lack of material resources.

Equality research in the ESRI investigates inequalities in opportunities and in outcomes, exploring the processes that lead to inequality. The research has a strong policy focus, assessing the role of public policies in underpinning or reducing inequalities.

Recent research projects have examined the impact of the recession on equality in the labour market; how debt and financial exclusion affect people’s ability to participate in society; the extent to which poverty persists over time; the circumstances of persons with an emotional, psychological or mental health disability; the link between work and poverty, employment of people with a disability (drawing on the National Disability Survey) , parental expectations of children with a disability (drawing on the Growing Up in Ireland survey), and the extent to which children are exposed to deprivation.

Main Publications in Social Inclusion and Equality Research Area

Other Misc. Outputs

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