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Consumer Sentiment Index, June 2018
July 5, 2018 | Indices Report

Authors: Conor O'Toole, Philip Economides
Research Areas: Macroeconomics

Front cover Lone-parent incomes and work incentives
July 5, 2018 | Budget Perspectives

Authors: Mark Regan, Claire Keane , John R Walsh
Research Areas: Taxation, Welfare and Pensions

Using behavioural experiments to pre-test policy
July 4, 2018 | Budget Perspectives

Authors: Pete Lunn, Deirdre Robertson
Research Areas: Taxation, Welfare and Pensions

Capital allocation, credit access, and firm growth in Viet Nam
June 30, 2018 |

Authors: Christina Kinghan, Carol Newman , Conor O'Toole
Research Areas: Macroeconomics

Exploiting the Irish boarder to estimate minimum wage impacts in Northern Ireland

Authors: Duncan McVicar, Andrew Park , Seamus McGuinness
Research Areas: Labour Markets and Skills

Scenarios and distributional implications of a household wealth tax in Ireland
June 29, 2018

Authors: Martina Lawless, Donal Lynch
Research Areas: Macroeconomics

Credit conditions, macroprudential policy and house prices
June 28, 2018 | Journal Article

Authors: Robert Kelly, Fergal McCann , Conor O'Toole
Research Areas: Macroeconomics

The buffering role of the family in the relationship between job loss and self-perceived health: Longitudinal results from Europe, 2004–2011
June 28, 2018 | Journal Article

Authors: Giulia Tattarini, Raffaele Grotti , Stefani Scherer
Research Areas: Health and Quality of Life

Return on energy efficiency investments in rental properties
June 22, 2018 | ESRI Research Bulletin

Authors: Matthew Collins, John Curtis
Research Areas: Energy and Environment

Exploring affordability in the Irish housing market
June 21, 2018 | ESRI Working Paper

Authors: Eoin Corrigan, Daniel Foley , Kieran McQuinn , Conor O'Toole , Rachel Slaymaker
Research Areas: Macroeconomics

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