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Consumer Sentiment Index, November 2017
December 8, 2017 | Indices Report

Authors: Conor O'Toole, Teresa Monteiro , Philip Economides
Research Areas: Macroeconomics

Fiscal consolidation in an open economy with sovereign premia and without monetary policy independence
December 7, 2017 | Journal Article

Authors: Apostolis Philippopoulos, Petros Varthalitis , Vanghelis Vassilatos
Research Areas: Macroeconomics

Poverty transitions in Ireland: An analysis of the Central Statistics Office (CSO) Longitudinal Survey on Income and Living Conditions (SILC), 2004-2015
December 7, 2017 |

Authors: Raffaele Grotti, Bertrand Maître , Dorothy Watson , Christopher T Whelan
Research Areas: Social Inclusion and Equality

Image of Front cover of ESRI Annual Report 2016 ESRI Annual Report 2016
December 6, 2017 | Corporate Information

Research Areas: Macroeconomics

cover of report Establishing identity of non-EU nationals in Irish migration processes
December 6, 2017 | ESRI Research Series

Authors: Samantha Arnold, Martina Byrne , Anne Sheridan
Research Areas: Migration, Integration and Demography

front cover of special article Educational attainment and skill utilisation in the Irish labour market: An EU comparison
December 5, 2017 | QEC Special Article

Authors: Paul Redmond, Adele Whelan
Research Areas: Labour Markets and Skills

cover of WP576 Determinants of residential heating system choice: an analysis of Irish households
December 4, 2017 | ESRI Working Paper

Authors: John Curtis, Daire McCoy , Claudia Aravena Novielli
Research Areas: Energy and Environment

front cover of JA201811 Examining the benefits of load shedding strategies using a rolling-horizon stochastic mixed complementarity equilibrium model
December 2, 2017 | Journal Article

Authors: Mel Devine, Valentin Bertsch
Research Areas: Energy and Environment

Front cover of Research Bulletin The economic contribution of recreational fishing: Waterville, Co. Kerry
November 29, 2017 | ESRI Research Bulletin

Authors: John Curtis, Benjamin Breen , Paul O'Reilly , Cathal O'Donoghue
Research Areas: Energy and Environment

The economic contribution of a recreational fishery in a remote rural economy
November 29, 2017 | Journal Article

Authors: John Curtis, Benjamin Breen , Paul O'Reilly , Cathal O'Donoghue
Research Areas: Energy and Environment

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