Community education's role in supporting lone parents facing educational and social disadvantage

Research has shown a link between parental education levels and child outcomes such as educational experience, dispositions towards school and education, attainment, and academic achievement. Existing studies have consistently identified lone parents, many of whom have low levels of educational attainment, as a group at higher risk of social exclusion, financial exclusion and economic vulnerability. Education of mothers has been found to contribute to the cognitive and language skills of preschool children and continues to affect their educational success throughout their educational career. Community education takes a grassroots approach to education, which is delivered through a transformative framework aimed at social change. The scoping study focusses specifically on the impact of community education projects/interventions on lone parents, and especially mothers’ education trajectories and a range of outcomes for them and their children. The project is funded by the Community Foundation for Ireland.

In collaboration with Leah Dowdall and Eve Cobain Niamh O’Reilly (AONTAS).