ESRI to contribute to Deaton Review of inequalities

The ESRI has been asked to contribute to an ambitious new review of inequalities chaired by the winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, Professor Angus Deaton. The Deaton Review - an initiative of the Institute for Fiscal Studies in London, funded by the Nuffield Foundation - seeks to deepen our understanding of inequalities in the twenty-first century by asking:

  • How are different kinds of inequality related and which matter most?
  • What are the underlying forces that come together to create them?
  • What is the right mix of policies to tackle inequalities?

A team of ESRI researchers, led by Dr. Barra Roantree, will produce a country report setting out some of the key facts about inequality in Ireland for the Review. This will explore how inequalities have changed over time across a number of dimensions, ranging from income, wealth and expenditure to mortality and household composition.