Experiences of students in Educate Together second level schools

Educate Together established the first second level schooIs in 2014, with the first cohort of students due to complete the Leaving Certificate examination in June 2019. Since opening the first school, the number of schools has expanded, now comprising 13 second-level schools across the country. Given the scale of growth, and the distinct ethos and climate of Educate Together schools, it is timely to examine how students attending these schools experience diverse aspects of their school life. The proposed study takes a mixed method approach, using surveys of students in first and second year, combined with in-depth interviews with Boards of Management, principals, guidance counsellors, teachers, students and parents across the 13 schools. Interviews with members of the three management bodies (JMB, ACCS and ETBI) will also be undertaken. The study findings will provide new insights into how students experience Educate Together school settings and the extent to which these experiences vary across different school contexts. The study is funded by Educate Together.