Research programme on socio-economics of Inland Fisheries

This research programme aims to provide evidence to support policy decisions surrounding the management of inland fishery resources and angling within Ireland. The research is a continuation of a 3-year programme from 2015 to 2018, which produced several associated publications.  The current research programme will run for the years 2019-2021 with potential research covering a broad range of topics:

  • Salmon anglers’ conservation preferences
  • Characteristics and economic contribution of recreational angling in Ireland
  • Angling tourism: characteristics, drivers and expenditures
  • Understanding constraints and facilitators to angling participation
  • Angling initiatives: a substitute for anti-social behaviours?
  • Quantifying physical and psychological health benefits associated with angling
  • Social benefits of angling and accessibility

The research programme is funded by Inland Fisheries Ireland

ESRI Angler Research Panel

To inform our research we collect data about anglers’ views and opinions directly via survey questionnaires.  We have established a voluntary angler panel allowing anglers to participate in the research programme, including a monthly survey on recreational angling activity. Learn more about and sign-up to the ESRI Angler Research Panel here.