Safeguarding Amateur Athletes’ Welfare: An Examination of Issues Among Senior Inter-County Gaelic Players

This study, commissioned by the GAA and GPA, builds on research undertaken in 2018 that examined the commitments required to play senior inter-county and the impact of this on players’ personal and professional lives. A working group was set-up by the two associations to examine in detail the findings of that study. On foot of that work, one of the decisions taken by the working group was that further research was required to examine a range of issues that emerged from the original study. In particular: i) the education and professional career experiences of senior inter-county players, ii) their general well-being and supplement usage, iii) players’ views on both provided and required player welfare supports, and iv) what they would change about their inter-county experience and the set-up. The objective of the current research is to provide evidence to assist the two associations to understand what senior inter-county players need and expect regarding player welfare services. Specifically, in terms of educating players and also providing them with the supports, structures and systems that will assist them to manage their professional and personal lives while playing senior inter-county.