Cathal McCrory

Research Affiliate

Cathal McCrory is a research fellow at TILDA, Trinity College Dublin. He is examining socio-economic variation in mental health and well-being among the 50+ population in Ireland, and exploring the pathways through which socially mediated risk factors come to influence psychological health over the life-course. His initial focus is the impact of stress on individuals and the possible mechanisms through which disadvantaged social circumstances may precipitate the onset of disease. Prior to joining TILDA, Cathal was employed by the ESRI as a research analyst on the Growing Up in Ireland study (2006-2012). He was involved with the planning, design, implementation and analysis of the data from the study. He previously worked as a research analyst/manager of the Surveys and Indicators Unit at Forfas. He obtained his Primary Degree in Psychology (1999) and Doctorate in Psychology (2002) from Queens University, Belfast. He was awarded his PhD for his work examining the relationship between putative measures of neurological processing speed and psychometric intelligence.