An Initial Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Intreo Activation Process Reforms

Authors: Elish Kelly , Seamus McGuinness , Michael Savage , John R Walsh

Research Areas: Labour Markets and Skills

This evaluation, which has been commissioned by the Department of Social Protection (DSP), is to determine the effectiveness of the Government’s new employment and entitlement services model, Intreo, in assisting jobseekers to find employment or related opportunities (e.g., training, education, work placements, etc.). In particular, the evaluation will focus on how effective the Intreo activation process reforms have been in improving the success of unemployed people to exit to employment. A counterfactual methodology will be employed to conduct the evaluation, using data from the DSP’s Jobseeker Longitudinal Dataset (JLD) and various other administrative data sources. The research will provide evidence on how effective the most recent public employment services (PES) and social protection reforms have been, and, therefore, potentially contribute to future reforms in these areas in order to assist jobseekers to find employment.

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