Analysis and measurement of poverty and deprivation in Ireland based on the ‘Consistent Poverty’ measure developed by the ESRI and the possible implications for policy

Authors: Dorothy Watson , Bertrand Maître

Research Areas: Social Inclusion and Equality

The ESRI contract with the Social Inclusion Division of the Department of Social Protection has been extended to 2012. There are two main research areas this year. The first is a project on work and poverty, which will examine both jobless households and in-work poverty in Ireland. The second project will focus on the sharing of resources within households in order to understand the factors that may contributed to full or limited sharing of resources by household members. In 2012, the data from SILC 2010 for Ireland will be analysed, but we will also examine trends over time using the SILC data for the period 2004-2010. As part of the 2012 programme, we will also work with the social inclusion division to examine food poverty using the Irish SILC data. Professor Chris Whelan, UCD is working with the ESRI team on this project.

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