Comparative Performance of Indigenous and Multinational Firms Operating in Ireland

Authors: Iulia Siedschlag , Mattia Di Ubaldo , Manuel Tong Koecklin

Research Areas: Internationalisation and Competitiveness


This study funded by the European Commission will provide new empirical evidence on the factors and policies underlying the behaviour and performance of indigenous and foreign-owned firms operating in Ireland. Specifically, the analysis will focus on the following issues: (i) drivers of productivity growth; (ii) R&D and other innovation expenditures and how they impact on exporting; (iii) exporting and importing and integration in European and global value chains; (iv) access to finance and the impact of indebtedness on investment activity; (v) supply chain linkages, technology transfers and other forms of cooperation between indigenous and foreign-owned firms. The evidence provided by this study will be used to put forward policy guidelines for Ireland in the context of the European Semester.

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