Day Surgery in Ireland: The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of an Evidence Based and Consensus Derived Best Practice Model

Authors: Aoife Brick

Research Areas: Health and Quality of Life

Rates of day case procedures in Ireland have seen average annual growth of 17.8% from 2003 to 2007. Of the 718,851 day patient discharges in 2007, almost 13% were classified under a surgical AR-DRG. For general surgical procedures, the rate of growth has been slower with only 10% of some procedures being conducted as day cases. There is a lack of research in this area in Ireland yet the HSE has set a target of 80% of a basket of 24 surgical procedures being conducted as day cases. Internationally there is a call for further research to better understand how to optimize day surgery to the benefit of all. This is necessary in Ireland if we are to provide research driven, people centred care in appropriate environments. The aim of this work is to achieve, through consensus and international best practice recommendations, trackable, measurable, key elements, which can be implemented, assessed and evaluated in day surgery in Ireland. It is hoped that the findings will help guide future service provision, service development, enhance patient care and contribute to improved clinical outcomes. The project is funded by the Health Research Board.

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