Determinants and Consequences of Skill Mismatch and Policy Implications

Authors: Seamus McGuinness , Kostas Mavromaras

Research Areas: Labour Markets and Skills

This research is being undertaken for the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) on the determinants and consequences of skill mismatch and policy implications. The research programme will last for four years and will involve a collaboration between researchers at the ESRI, Swansea University and The University of Melbourne. In the initial phase of the study the researchers will investigate: 1. A taxonomy of mismatch to include over and undereducation, over and underskilling, labour shortages and skills obsolescence. 2. What are the links between skill mismatch experienced at the level of the individual, the level of the firm and the economy? 3. The most appropriate approach to assessing the impacts of skill mismatch. 4. The extent to which job mismatch represents a serious concern for policy makers. Three subsequent studies will be commissioned based on the findings and recommendations of this initial research.

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