Improving Residential Energy Efficiency

Authors: John Curtis , Matthew Collins

Research Areas: Energy and Environment

This research will investigate a number of topics surrounding residential energy efficiency. The analysis will use data from the Building Energy Ratings (BER) and the Better Energy Homes (BEH) residential energy efficiency grant scheme to identify both barriers and drivers for residential energy retrofits.

Topics for research may include:
• Spatial-Social Networks and Energy Retrofits. To develop an agent-based model of the diffusion of energy efficiency innovations and the participation of Irish households in the Better Energy Homes (BEH) grant scheme in order to simulate participation in the BEH scheme among various Irish households and the effects thereof.

• Explaining the determinants of energy efficiency retrofit intensity in Ireland. This study analyses the Better Energy Homes (BEH) grant scheme data in order to shed light on the impact of regulatory chances and other determinants of energy efficiency retrofit intensity, i.e. the number of retrofit measures adopted.

• An examination of the abandonment of energy efficiency retrofit grants in Ireland. An investigation into the causes of non-completion of applications and remedies to improve completion rates in residential energy efficiency grant scheme.

• Energy efficiency improvements and value for money in the Better Energy Homes scheme. This research investigates two outcomes of energy efficient retrofitting, being the energy efficiency improvement gained by participant households and the value for money attained in retrofitting, in terms of the amount spent in order to achieve energy efficiency improvements.

• Quantifying discontinuities in the distribution of Building Energy Ratings among participating households. This research aims to quantify the degree of discontinuities in the distribution of post-works Building Energy Ratings, relative to the pre-works distribution.

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