Measuring the effects of local infrastructure on the location of inward investment

Authors: Seán Lyons , Edgar Morgenroth , Daire McCoy , Bryan Coyne

Research Areas: Communications and Transport

This study focuses on the economic effects of wholesale broadband infrastructure (including broadband, electricity network capacity and transport connectivity) on the location of inward investment in Ireland. Extensive firm-level data on inward investment provides information on the choices we wish to study, while a wide range of datasets on telecoms infrastructure (e.g. location of Metropolitan Area Networks and other broadband services), local transport and electricity infrastructure and labour market conditions can be combined to provide a uniquely rounded picture of the factors that influence firms? choices about where to locate. This approach should give robust evidence on how local infrastructure affects the pattern of inward investment. The study is being carried out in collaboration with Dr Donal Palcic at the University of Limerick and Leonie Allen at ComReg.

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