Research Programme on Health, Safety and Well-being at Work

Authors: Helen Russell , Dorothy Watson

Research Areas: Health and Quality of Life

Health, safety and well-being at work is important not only for employees and employers but also for wider society and the economy. It is estimated that 1.8 million days were lost to the Irish economy in 2011 arising from workplace accidents and illness. The ESRI is undertaking a two year programme of research, funded by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) to enhance knowledge on this topic and provide evidence for policy. The first research project examines trends in work-related accidents and ill health using a variety of data sources including the QNHS and the HSA register of workplace incidents. It investigates the worker characteristics, organisational factors and labour market conditions associated with the risk of work-related accidents and ill-health. A second study underway uses cross national data to compare Irish patterns of exposure to workplace risks to those in other European countries and also compares the health and well-being outcomes.

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