SMEs, Credit Constraints and Growth – A Cross-Border Study

Authors: Martina Lawless , Conor O'Toole

Research Areas: Macroeconomics

Research Project: SMEs, Credit Constraints and Growth - A Cross-Border Study Access to credit is an important component in facilitating growth because firms need financing for investment, working capital, new market entry and innovation. Indeed, international research on recoveries from banking crises notes the existence of post-crisis credit constraints as a considerable drag on growth. To explore this issue further for Ireland, the ESRI are undertaking a research project with InterTrade Ireland to examine the effect of financing constraints on SMEs across firms in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The project will provide analysis of the extent to which different types of firms encounter credit constraints and how such constraints impact real activity across a range of measures such as employment and export activity. We will also investigate the extent to which bank ownership patterns and access to banking infrastructure affect these measures with specific focus on the cross-border comparative aspect.

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