Communications and Transport

Research in this area provides evidence for policymakers in the areas of electronic communications and transportation systems, both critical forms of infrastructure underpinning economic growth and providing services that promote an improved standard of living for people across Ireland.

Research in Communications
Electronic communications services make a significant contribution to economic output in their own right, but perhaps more importantly provide essential supporting platforms and applications to other sectors of the economy. The growth and competitiveness of the wider economy is affected by public policy decisions on the development and management of next generation communications infrastructure.

Research in this area bridges the gap between evidence and public policy for policymakers navigating decisions made increasingly complex by rapidly changing technologies and significant investment requirements. Recent research has focused on urgent questions including measuring the impact of broadband in schools, examining the effects of wholesale broadband infrastructure on wider economic outcomes and modelling the market for broadband services.

Research in Transport
Efficient and sustainable transport systems are vital to the national economy. Effective public policy ensures that transport networks have the capacity to support business efficiency and meet the needs of a growing population, expanding urban areas and increasing numbers of commuters.

Researchers in this area provide the analysis required for policymakers to devise informed solutions to the provision and future development of transportation networks across Ireland. In recent years, research has addressed the impact of investment in transportation on regional development; the value placed by homeowners in the Dublin area on multiple types of local transport and the effectiveness of the Dublin-Belfast rail service in promoting increased connectedness between the North and South of Ireland.

Main Publications in Communications and Transport Research Area

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