Internationalisation and Competitiveness

Sustainable economic growth in Ireland depends to a large extent on the competitiveness of its economy. High rates of productivity and innovation intensity are key to achieving and maintaining competitiveness, particularly in the context of increased global interdependencies. Researchers in this area produce empirical evidence to inform national and European policies that address such challenges and sustain vibrant economies, both in Ireland and other European countries.

Research focuses on three broad themes: (i) international macroeconomics; (ii) international trade and investment; and (iii) international diffusion of R&D, new technologies and innovation. A key feature of research in this area is the integration of micro-, mezzo- and macroeconomic developments by linking enterprise behaviour and performance with outcomes at an industry, regional and macroeconomic level.

Recently, researchers have investigated a range of policy relevant issues, including the potential economic implications of Brexit, factors influencing the engagement of firms in European and global value chains, and the impact of corporate taxation on foreign direct investment in Ireland and other European countries.

Main Publications in Internationalisation and Competitiveness Research Area

Other Misc. Outputs

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