Migration, Integration and Demography

ESRI research on Migration, Integration and Demography examines the major forces that shape the population, including fertility, mortality and migration. Research is focusing on the changing needs of an ageing society, how migrants are settling into society, and Irish peoples’ attitudes to immigration.

Recent research in the area has examined (among other things):

• How have family structures changed in recent decades?
• What underlies Ireland’s unique pattern of fertility?
• The earnings of immigrants relative to Irish employees
• The social and economic integration of migrants

Current research in this area is focussed on ageing and Irish society. Included in this area is research on mental health among older persons; economic circumstances; the effects of retirement; pensions; and healthcare services.

In addition, the ESRI is the Irish National Contact Point (NCP) for the European Migration Network. Research in this area aims to provide up-to-date, objective, reliable and comparable information on the migration and asylum situation at European and national level (across all Member States) with a view to supporting policymaking and informing the general public. For further information on the EMN, visit the EMN website.

Looking ahead, population ageing will be an emerging feature of Ireland’s economy and society and so this will become an increasingly important element of ESRI research. The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) is a large-scale survey of people aged over 50 and living in Ireland. It will provide a very useful research resource and the ESRI will play a key role in exploiting it.

Main Publications in Migration, Integration and Demography Research Area

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