Save the Date: Building Stronger Business – Responding to Brexit

July 6, 2018

The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, in conjunction with the Economic and Social Research Institute, will host a seminar on Building Stronger Business – Responding to Brexit.

The seminar will present research findings followed by a panel discussion on:

  • Intermediate Goods Import & the UK Content of Irish Goods Exports, an ESRI report sponsored by the Department and Enterprise Ireland, examining the reliance of Irish imports on the UK, and identifying the extent of exposure to potential disruptions post-Brexit.
  • Irish UK Services Trade, an ESRI research paper sponsored by the Department and Enterprise Ireland, estimating the contribution of EU membership to services trade flows, and examining the exposure of Irish services sectors to potential disruptions post-Brexit.
  • Addressing the Skills Needs Arising from the Potential Trade Implications of Brexit, an Expert Group on Future Skills Needs study addressing the skills needs arising from the potential trade implications of Brexit, the diversification of Irish trade, and the movement of goods across international borders.
  • Firm-Level Impact of Brexit on Most Exposed Sectors, the Department’s report on the findings and insights of over 160 regionally dispersed firms in fifteen sectors, and their level of concern regarding the impact Brexit could have on their operations.

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