Growing Up In Ireland

The Growing Up in Ireland children come of age

The life of a 17/18-year-old in 2016 The latest research findings from the Growing Up in Ireland study provide significant...  

Cherishing all the children equally?

First study of its kind uses Growing Up in Ireland data to provide a comprehensive overview of factors influencing child...  

Growing Up in Ireland Conference: Call for Abstracts

Growing Up in Ireland – the National Longitudinal Study of Children, will hold its eighth annual research conference on Thursday...  

Latest Growing Up in Ireland report examines the effects of Early Childcare on Cognitive Development

The study finds no difference overall in cognitive outcomes at age five between those cared for at home, and those...  

New ESRI Research Looks at Child Wellbeing and School Experiences

A new report, published today (15th July) by the ESRI and the NCCA, looks at children’s wellbeing from their own point of view – their happiness, how they are getting on with schoolwork, whether they feel anxious, how popular they are, how they feel about their appearance and behaviour.

Growing Up in Ireland: Maternal Health Behaviours and Child Growth in Infancy

Minister Reilly Launches Growing up in Ireland Report on Maternal Health Behaviours And Child Growth in Infancy Report shows that...  

Childhood Adversity and Health


Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy and Child Well-Being: A Burning Issue

New findings based on the Growing Up in Ireland study published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology show that children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy have a higher risk of behavioural problems at age 9

New Report on Diversity in Primary Schools in Ireland

Primary schools in Ireland have remained predominantly denominational, chiefly Catholic, in both ownership and management, despite demographic changes in recent decades.

The Primary Classroom: Insights From the ‘Growing Up In Ireland’ Study

This report provides new insights into teaching and learning in primary classrooms. Drawing on the Growing Up in Ireland study, the findings highlight how children's experiences vary quite dramatically depending on the school they attend and the teacher they have.

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