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The ESRI publishes a number of regular reports which assess and benchmark factors affecting the Irish economy. The principle publication is the Quarterly Economic Commentary, which analyses of current economic trends and the provides of macro-economic forecasts for a one-to-two year period.

It also publishes a number of regular indices on factors affecting Irish economy, including consumer sentiment, saving sentiment, rental and housing prices.

Latest Indices

Consumer Sentiment Index

The Consumer Sentiment Index is a monthly report (electronic) produced jointly by the ESRI and KBC Bank Ireland.
Consumer spending is an important element of economic growth. The KBC Bank Ireland/ESRI index of consumer sentiment aims to fill the existing gap in information on the consumer sector, providing an additional piece of information that may be used by those analysing, or interested in, the health of the economy.[more]

Savings Index

The Savings Index is a monthly report (electronic) produced jointly by the ESRI and Nationwide (UK) Ireland. It is constructed from monthly research on the attitudes of Irish consumers towards saving.

The subindices measure peoples’ responses to questions on their attitudes and behaviour towards saving (Savings Attitude Index) and conditions in the wider environment (Savings Environment Index). [more]

PRTB/ESRI Rent Index

The Rent Index is a quarterly report produced by the ESRI for the Private Residential Tenancies Board, based on anonymised data supplied by the PRTB.

Separate indices are calculated for the national market, the national house market, and the national apartment market. Similar indices are calculated for Dublin and Outside Dublin. [more]

AIB/ESRI Housing Market Index

The AIB/ESRI Housing Market Index is a measure of the perception consumers have of the Irish housing market and of their expectations for house prices. The survey of over 800 consumers is conducted by the ESRI each month and started in July 2013. [more]

Major Publications

Quarterly Economic Commentary

The Quarterly Economic Commentary is concerned with the analysis of current economic trends and the provision of macro-economic forecasts for the current and following year. Forecasts in the QEC are of a short-term nature (usually between one and two years ahead). The QEC is widely accepted as impartial and is an essential tool for business. Since it was first published in 1968 it has become a standard reference for Government Departments, policy-makers, universities, etc.

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Medium-Term Review

The ESRI Medium-Term Review is a major publication which analyses future scenarios in the medium-term for the Irish economy. Since 1986 the ESRI has published twelve Medium-Term Reviews (MTR), and it is the only publication of its kind in Ireland. The current Medium-Term Review covers the period 2013-2020.

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