Supporting Independent Research

You can support research into policy issues affecting Ireland, both nationally and internationally by becoming a member of the ESRI. The income from membership contributions is essential to the continuation of the ESRI’s work.

The Institute receives an annual grant-in-aid from the Department of Finance to support the scientific and public interest elements of the Institute’s activities (more). The grant in aid represents approximately 22 percent of the Institute’s income. The remainder comes from:

  • major research programme agreements with government departments and state agencies;
  • specific research projects commissioned by government departments, state agencies and international bodies such as the European Commission;
  • membership subscriptions;
  • sale of publications.

Our publications include the Quarterly Economic Commentary and Ireland’s Economic Outlook,  research reports and publications in a wide range of academic journals.

ESRI members receive a copy of the Annual Review of Research, the Quarterly Economic Commentary and Ireland’s Economic Outlook, and are invited to attend the Institute’s Annual General Meeting.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who support our work through their membership.

Membership Queries and Contact Details

To keep our records up to date, or for any other enquiries about membership please contact, if possible quoting your membership reference number.

  • How to become a member of the ESRI

    To apply for Corporate membership, please return the Corporate Membership Application form along with the appropriate contribution, as listed on the Membership Categories details below.

    To subscribe to the Quarterly Economic Commentary, please return the form along with the appropriate contribution. The QEC subscription includes 4 hard copy issues of the QEC per year, plus IRELAND’S ECONOMIC OUTLOOK, published every 2 years. Subscriptions are for the calendar year 1 January to 31 December. The subscription rate is €327, including VAT and postage. This includes online access.

  • How to apply for Special Membership Categories

    To apply for any of the Special Membership Categories, please return the Special Membership Application form together with the appropriate subscription.

  • Membership Categories

    Corporate Membership

    The annual corporate membership contribution is based on the number of staff in the organisation. Current rates are:

    • Under 100 - €400
    • 100 to 200 - €550
    • 200 to 650 - €750
    • 650 to 1,500 - €1,200
    • 1,500 to 5,000 - €1,800
    • over 5,000 - €2,600

    Special Membership

    Special membership rates are offered to:

    • Libraries - €400
    • Secondary schools - €125
    • Charities/NGOs - €200
    • Individuals - €265
    • Individuals (no publications) - €50
    • Diplomatic missions - €285

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