Seán Lyons

Seán Lyons

Economic Analysis | Associate Research Professor
Seán Lyons specialises in applied microeconomics, and he manages ESRI research programmes on the telecommunications sector and on the environment. He has published research in a diverse set of areas including energy economics and policy; effects of policies on broadband and mobile telephony; how regulation affects competition; determinants of environmental emissions and effects of climate policy; and the economics of disability. Two themes running through Seán’s work are an interest in the distributional effects of public policy and in the behaviour of individuals as consumers of regulated goods and services.

Collaboration is a central element of Seán’s research. He currently participates in several funded collaborative programmes, including the SFI-funded Sustainable Electrical Energy Systems Cluster and research projects on inequalities in local access to GP services, funded by the Health Research Board, and on financial security in Ireland’s older population, funded by the Health Service Executive.

Seán has a PhD in Economics from Trinity College Dublin, an MPhil in Economics from the University of Cambridge and a BA in History from TCD. He joined the ESRI in 2007, and his former posts include Partner at Indecon Economic Consultants, Senior Adviser at the ODTR (now ComReg) and Managing Consultant at London Economics. He is a member of the Public Service Pay Commission and the Council of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland.
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Tel: +353 1 8632000
Direct Line: +353 1 8632019

Latest Publications:
  • How much extra energy does a household use when its income rises? The answer depends on how much energy it uses in the first place
  • Determinants of mortgage arrears in Europe: evidence from household microdata
  • The income elasticity of household energy demand: a quantile regression analysis
  • The Price of Broadband Quality: Tracking the Changing Valuation of Service Characteristics
  • Unintended Outcomes of Electricity Smart-metering: trading-off consumption and investment behaviour
  • Consumer switching intentions for telecoms services: evidence from Ireland
  • Assessing the level of cross-border fuel tourism
  • The Price of Broadband Quality
  • The Advent of High-Speed Broadband: Teaching and Learning in Second-Level Schools
  • Teaching and Learning in Second- Level Schools at the Advent of High-Speed Broadband

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  • Programmes and Projects:
  • Environment Research Programme
  • Financial Security in the Older Population in Ireland: Assessing the Impact of Austerity and Policy Change
  • Sustainable Electrical Energy Systems Strategic Research Cluster (SEES Cluster)
  • Energy Policy Research Centre (EPRC)
  • Measuring the effects of local infrastructure on the location of inward investment
  • Framework Contract - Studies in the Areas of European Competitiveness 2014-2018
  • Inequalities in Access to GP Care in Ireland: An Analysis using Longitudinal Data
  • Teaching and learning in Irish second-level schools in the age of high-speed broadband
  • Programme of Research in Communications
  • Employment and People with Disabilities

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