Samantha Arnold

Samantha Arnold

Economic Analysis | Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Samantha Arnold works within the Irish National Contact Point (NCP) of the European Migration Network (EMN) which is based in the ESRI. The overall objective of the EMN is to improve the availability of, and access to, information concerning migration and asylum at European and Member State level in order to support policy and decision-making in the EU.

Samantha is currently completing her PhD in the School of Law, Trinity College Dublin. She holds an LLM in European Refugee Law awarded by University College Cork and an MA in International Relations awarded by Dublin City University. She completed her BA in Spanish and Hispanic Studies in New York at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Prior to joining the ESRI, Samantha was the Children’s and Young Persons’ Officer at the Irish Refugee Council. Samantha’s research interests include refugee and immigration law and policy and children’s rights law. She has authored a number of papers in Irish and international journals.
Contact Details:

Tel: +353 1 8632000
Direct Line: +353 1 8632047

Latest Publications:
  • Establishing identity of non-EU nationals in Irish migration processes
  • Illegal employment of non-EU nationals in Ireland
  • Family reunification of non-EU nationals in Ireland
  • Resettlement of Refugees and Private Sponsorship in Ireland
  • Integration of Beneficiaries of International Protection into the Labour Market: policies and practices in Ireland
  • The International Protection Act 2015 and Age Assessment

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