About the Behavioural Research Unit

Photo of researchers on the BRU team

Hannah Julienne, Cameron Belton, Deirdre Robertson, Shane Timmons, Pete Lunn,  Laura Gormley, Ciarán Lavin and Martina Barjaková are researchers in the Behavioural Research Unit. 

The Behavioural Research Unit (BRU) is a multidisciplinary team of behavioural scientists that specialises in applying behavioural science to policy. We are a mixture of behavioural economists and psychologists.

We work mostly in Ireland, but also internationally with the OECD and the European Commission. Most of our work employs experiments, undertaken in the laboratory, online or in the field. We believe that more experiments should be undertaken for policy (read why here), including experimental pre-tests (here).

The BRU has built up a body of research in consumer decision making, with a focus on major financial products and household services. Example topics include electricity pricing (here), pensions (here), car finance (here) and loans (here).

We also study decisions and behaviours that matter for environmental and public health outcomes, including diet and physical activity. First results will appear in early 2019.