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The ESRI is Ireland’s leading not-for-profit economic and social policy research institute. We are fully independent and our work is free of any expressed ideology or political position. By becoming a member of the ESRI you will be supporting independent research into policy issues affecting Ireland, both nationally and internationally. The income from membership contributions is essential to the continuation of the ESRI’s work.

ESRI Members also receive a hard copy of the Institute's Annual Review of Research, the Quarterly Economic Commentary and Ireland’s Economic Outlook, and are invited to attend the Institute’s Annual General Meeting, as well as all our public events.

Subscribe to the ESRI's Economic Commentary

The ESRI's Quarterly Economic Commentary provides analysis of current economic trends and macroeconomic forecasts for the current and following year. Special Articles and Research Notes, written by staff and research affiliates, may also be published in association with the QEC.

Subscribe to the ESRI's Quarterly Economic Commentary to receive 4 hard copy issues per year, plus the Ireland’s Economic Outlook report (usually published every 2 years). For detail on how to subscribe, see below.

How to become a Member of the ESRI

To apply for Corporate Membership or Special Membership, please return the appropriate form, together with the remittance, to:
The ESRI, Membership Section, Whitaker Square, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland. Alternatively email:

Corporate Membership Application Form.

Special Membership Application Form.

The annual Corporate Membership contribution is based on the number of staff in the organisation. Current rates are:

  • Under 100 - €400
  • 100 to 200 - €550
  • 200 to 650 - €750
  • 650 to 1,500 - €1,200
  • 1,500 to 5,000 - €1,800
  • over 5,000 - €2,600

Special Membership rates are offered to:

  • Libraries - €400
  • Secondary schools - €125
  • Charities/NGOs - €200
  • Individuals - €265
  • Individuals (no publications) - €50
  • Diplomatic missions - €285


How to Subscribe to the Quarterly Economic Commentary

Subscription to the Quarterly Economic Commentary (QEC) includes 4 hard copy issues of the QEC per year, plus Ireland's Economic Outlook (published every 2 years). Subscriptions are for the calendar year 1 January to 31 December.

The subscription rate is €327, including VAT and postage. Online access is available for free on day of publication.

To subscribe to the ESRI's Quarterly Economic Commentary, please return the subscription form and appropriate remittance  to:
The ESRI, Membership Section, Whitaker Square, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Alternatively email:

Membership Queries

If you have any enquiries about ESRI Membership or QEC Subscription, please contact, if possible quoting your membership/subscription reference number.

The ESRI is a not-for-profit company which aims to cover operating costs and to re-invest any surplus income in further research. The Institute receives an annual grant-in-aid from the Department of Finance to support the scientific and public interest elements of the Institute’s activities. The remainder comes from major research programme agreements with government departments and state agencies; specific research projects commissioned by government departments, state agencies and international bodies such as the European Commission; and your membership subscriptions.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who support our work through their Membership and Subscription to the QEC.