ESRI Applicant Privacy Notice

From the point at which we receive your application for employment, the ESRI will need to maintain and process data about you for the purposes of assessing and communicating a recruitment decision. The following outlines what data we obtain and process, our basis for doing so, and how long it is retained for.

At the recruitment stage, applicants are requested to submit a cover letter, CV and application form. Data obtained includes the following:


  • Name and contact details including email address, phone number
  • Candidate’s gender (*note this question is solely for statistical purposes and to help us monitor our compliance with Employment Equality legislation. The information will not be used or considered for recruitment and selection purposes. Candidates may choose not to answer the question).
  • Candidate’s work history
  • Candidate’s education history
  • Qualifications and experience relevant to the role
  • Eligibility to work in the EEA
  • Contact details for referees: previous employer(s) and personal or educational referees
  • Garda vetting request (only where relevant to role)

The Institute has prescribed data fields in its application form requesting specific information. We also request a cover letter and CV. The information provided in the latter is at the applicant’s discretion and not to a prescribed format requested by the Institute.

Selection Process – Short-listing Stage:

The information provided by the applicant will be used to assess the suitability of the candidate to be interviewed for the advertised role. This will be done through a process of reviewing the information provided in the application documents against the requirements of the role. The most suitable candidates are selected for the interview stage.

Selection Process – Interview Stage:

Applicants may be invited to interview(s) for a role following the short-listing process. The data generated at this stage of the process will be as follows:


  • Interview details including notes and assessment of the interview board, dates and times
  • A record of candidates’ arrival to and departure from the building for Health and Safety purposes
  • References provided by previous employers and personal or educational referees
  • Communication of the recruitment decision

Under data protection law, there are six available lawful bases under which an organisation may process personal data. They are consent, contractual purposes, legal obligations, vital interests, public task, and legitimate interests.

We process and retain your recruitment data on the basis of our legitimate interest to make recruitment decisions and our legal obligations. In order for the Institute to be able to demonstrate the legal integrity of our selection process we retain the data for 18 months. Under Irish equality legislation, an applicant may raise a claim of discrimination for up to 12 months following an alleged incident. In order to defend against any such claim, the Institute retains records pertaining to the selection process for 18 months. We retain them for 6 months beyond the statute period should any claim arise towards the end of the 12 month period.

The Institute requests the same information of all intending applicants. If you do not provide the information as requested, we may not be able to process your job application.

ESRI interview boards may include an external board member, in which case we will provide the applications of short-listed applicants for the purposes of conducting the interview and evaluating interview candidates. A data protection notice is issued to all interviewers and they are required to return to the ESRI HR representative on the board all hardcopy interview documentation and to confirm deletion of any copies and any electronic applicant data provided.

The Institute’s internal and external auditors may request sight of recruitment decision supporting documentation to verify that recruitment decisions are made in line with Institute policy and legal requirements. Such documentation may contain personal data relating to candidates. If so, the HR representative providing the documentation for review will ensure that it is done securely and in accordance with data protection principles.

We may contact referees following interviews. This is on the basis of the referee information you have provided. We will ask you on your application form whether you consent to us contacting referees.

The ESRI uses a cloud-based online eRecruitment solution, Talent Manager (product of HRM Talent Solutions) to process online applications. The Institute has a formal data protection agreement in place with the providers ensures that specific data protection guarantees are in place with this service provider including EEA hosting location and certified security credentials. Recruitment data is only accessed by those involved in the particular recruitment decision and accessed with a secure dedicated login.

Please see our main Privacy Page here.