Childcare, home production and labour supply

About the ESRI Seminar Series

The ESRI organises a public seminar series, inviting researchers from both the ESRI and other institutions to present new research on a variety of public policy issues. The seminar series provides access to specialised knowledge and new research methodologies, with the objective of promoting research excellence and facilitating productive dialogue across the policy and research fields.

Guest Speaker: Hélène Turon, Department of Economics, University of Bristol

Venue: ESRI, Whitaker Square, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2. Tea, coffee and sandwiches will be provided.

Seminar Topic:

Hélène Turon will present her work exploring the determinants of labour supply and childcare decisions, and the implications this has for the design of childcare subsidies.

Speaker Bio:

Hélène is a reader in economics at the University of Bristol. Her research interests are in labour economics. She is interested in both theoretical and empirical aspects of labour market models. Her recent research focuses on labour reallocation, the public-private pay gap, and earnings dynamics.