EMN Ireland/ESRI webinar: Immigration detention and alternatives: Ireland and the EU

This webinar, hosted by EMN Ireland, within the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), provides an overview of the legal framework and use of immigration detention and alternatives to detention in Ireland. It situates this overview in a broader EU context. Speakers will discuss the extent to which detention is used in international protection and returns procedures in Ireland; the types of alternatives to detention available; key fundamental rights and safeguards; and how Ireland compares to other EU Member States. 

New EMN Ireland research, Detention and Alternatives to Detention in International Protection and Returns Procedures in Ireland, will be launched during this webinar. 

CPD Points: Attendance at the webinar may qualify for CPD points. Qualification is determined by the points’ issuer. EMN Ireland is happy to provide certificates of attendance. Please indicate if you would like to receive a certificate of attendance via the registration link. The deadline to request a certificate of attendance is 8 December 2021. 





Chair: Prof Alan Barrett, Director, ESRI


An overview of the use of detention and alternatives to detention in the EU

Sara Bagnato, ICF, EMN Service Provider


The use of detention and alternatives to detention in Ireland

Emily Cunniffe, EMN Ireland/ESRI


Refusals of leave to land – detention considerations

Kevin Metadjer, ICM, Border Management Unit, Dublin Airport, Department of Justice


Fundamental rights and access to supports in detention and alternatives to detention

Fiona Finn, CEO, Nasc, the Migrant and Refugee Rights Centre


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