Environment, Health & Wellbeing Virtual Conference - Learning from the Pandemic

This virtual conference will hear how our environment, biodiversity and health challenges interact and how solutions to these challenges need coordinated and integrated responses.

The conference will also include a session examining the lessons we have learned from the pandemic looking at how it has affected our attitudes and behaviours and how it will impact in the future on how we live and work.

The Environment, Health & Wellbeing conference is a free event aimed at HSE and EPA staff as well as policymakers, other Agencies, NGOs, and Academics.

The agenda is available to read and download here. 

Hosted by:

Laura Burke, Director General, EPA

Dr Stephanie O’Keeffe, National Director of Integrated Operations - Planning, HSE

Dr Philip Crowley, National Director of Strategy and Research, HSE

Professor Alan Barrett, Director of the ESRI