ESRI-UCC Energy Research Workshop

Venue: ESRI, Whitaker Square, Dublin 2

This half-day multidisciplinary research workshop will focus on recent work by researchers at UCC and ESRI on a range of current energy policy issues. Both engineering and economic perspectives will be explored, and topics will cover aspects of national and international policies and markets; residential energy efficiency; and investment options for electricity generation.


10:00: Registration and coffee

10:20: Introduction by John Curtis and Brian Ó Gallachóir

Session 1: National policies and markets

10:30: Life after 2020?: A view of 2030 energy targets, Brian Ó Gallachóir, Alessandro Chiodi, Paul Deane Presentation

10.50: Climate policy, interconnection and carbon leakage: the effect of unilateral UK policy on electricity and GHG emissions in Ireland, John Curtis, Valeria Di Cosmo, Paul Deane Presentation

11:10: Ireland’s Energy (In)Security NEXUS, James Glynn, Brian Ó Gallachóir, Presentation

11:40: Wind, electricity prices and CO2 emissions: the case of Ireland, Valeria di Cosmo and Laura Malaguzzi ValeriPresentation

Session 2: Residential energy

12:00: Residential Retrofit - Possible versus likely energy savings, Denis Dineen, Brian Ó Gallachóir Presentation

12:15: Electric Heating-Bad Idea or Good idea? Paul Deane, Denis Dineen, Paul Gallagher, Alessandro Chiodi, Maurizio Gargiulo, Brian Ó Gallachóir Presentation

Session 3: Carbon capture and storage

12:30: When to invest in carbon capture technology in the presence of uncertainty: a mathematical model, Darragh Walsh, Mel Devine, James Gleeson, William Lee and Kevin O’Sullivan Presentation

12:45: Can Ireland afford not to have CCS? Fionn Rogan, Paul Deane, Alessandro Chiodi, Brian Ó Gallachóir Presentation

13:00: Conference close

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