Growing Up in Ireland data workshop

Growing Up in Ireland will host a data workshop to promote and support the use of datasets from both the Child Cohort ’98 and Infant Cohort ’08.

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For more information about the workshop, including information about the dataset, click HERE.

The workshop will cover a broad range of topics and is relevant to users of both the Child and Infant cohort data. You will gain a comprehensive overview of the conduct of the study, the structure of the data, supporting documentation, as well as how to match the datasets across waves.

No prior familiarity with the Growing Up in Ireland data is assumed. The workshop takes a general approach to the datasets. The study design, dataset structures and analytic techniques needed to make use of the data overlap across both cohorts so the workshop will be informative for all GUI data users.

Researchers who have previously attended a data workshop on earlier waves of the data should note that this upcoming workshop will cover much of the same content.